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” This blender is AMAZING!! I use it every day and it works amazing. It blends fruit really well- frozen and fresh. It is also super easy to clean! I just add soap and water and turn it on and it gets the job done. It was charged at 88% when I got it and I charged it once when I got it and it is now at 75% and I got it 3 months ago! The base has a usb port so you can use it as a charger if you need to. I also LOVE how you can take the base off once you blended it and add another lid and then it’s like a normal container. I have gotten SO many compliments on this blender and I would 110% recommend it! Definitely worth your money and I can tell it will last me a long time. 


” I used this to organize my pans outside the cabinets. What I like about this rack is that besides from it will make everything prettier is, it is really organizing your pans and its sure sturdy even for bigger or heavier pans and very easy to assemble. Honestly, I didn’t even read the instructions until after I’m done! Although I didn’t use all of tiers because I don’t have to for now.. I Just kept them as extras! For heavier, you just have to make sure to insert the tier right on the very top of your last pan so it has support! I really like it and now I even have more space and its so clean and neat after using this. Planning to buy few more after we change our old cabinets! ”


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