AHNR Knife Sharpening Stone Set – 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Water Stone, Whetstone Sharpener Stone Set Includes NonSlip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide


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  • ✅ 〖Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone〗 AHNR Whetstone Sharpening Stone is made from professional grade white corundum corrosion & heat resistant, it is also very durable. This stone only requires water, no expensive honing oil needed! It’s a great choice for someone looking for a stone they won’t have to replace.
  • ✅ 〖DUAL SIDED SHARPENING〗 Double sided for both Grits both 1000 and 6000, choose the appropriate grit stone according to your knife blade. The Coarse side 1000 to make the edge very sharp, and reflective. The Fine side 6000 is a very fine stone and provides a very polished edge that will cut extremely well.
  • ✅ 〖VERSATILE KNIFE SHARPENING STONES〗 This whetstone can be used as a one-stop shop for any item you want sharpened and polished. It can sharp ANY BLADE out there, be it kitchen knives, Hunting Knife Sharpener, Pocket Knife Sharpener, Scissor Sharpener, Chisel sharpener, Blade sharpener, Razor & it can even sharp a axe!
  • ✅ 〖GUARANTEE THE SAFETY SHARPENING〗 Keeping that knife’s edge fine will make cooking safer. We understand the importance of safety when dealing with sharpening tools. That’s why we include a nonslip rubber bases, a bamboo stone holder and angle guide in every knife-sharpening kit. Minimize your risk of hazardous slips with AHNR!
  • ✅ 〖DESIGNED for ULTRA-PRECISE SHARPENING〗 Even the best knives will eventually lose its cutting edge, and it is important to have a set of sharpening stones that suit your sharpening needs. When you want to guarantee peak performance from top-quality kitchen knives, this is the stone to use—it’s designed for ultra-precise sharpening.



Did you know that dull blades are dangerous and can cause messy and unpleasant injuries and accidents?

Have you ever hurt yourself with a knife? Are you willing to spend a short amount of time creating a sharp edge?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to cut vegetables with a knife as sharp as a professional chef?

To maintain the edge and shine of your knives it’s important to invest in a good sharpening stone.

If you’re looking for a versatile sharpening stone that can be used on all different types of knives, our Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Set would be a great investment.

  • This kit includes a double-sided sharpening stone with two different levels of grit (1000 and 6000), allowing you to hone dull knives or refine sharper ones by simply flipping it over.
  • Perfect for the larger chef’s knives, gives a nice working area for any size of knife, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, edges and corners are clearly demarcated
  • It also comes with a bamboo base so it won’t slide around when you use it, along with a sharpening guide to help beginners learn the ins-and-outs of their new tool.
  • As it is a water stone sharpener, it requires only water to do the job perfectly. What’s more, there is no need to spend additional funds on oils
  • This Whetstone allows you to spend less time sharpening edges and more time using them. By having this Whetstone in your kitchen, you will never have to deal with blunt blades again!


How to Sharpen Your Knives With a Whetstone

  • STEP 1 Submerge the whetstone in water for about 15 to 20 minutes to soak. When there are no more little air bubbles appearing, the stone has absorbed the optimum amount of water.
  • STEP 2 Place the whetstone on a cutting board or countertop, with the coarse grit face up. Place nonslip rubber bases or bamboo stone holder underneath the stone to help keep it from sliding.
  • STEP 3 With your knife at a 15-25 degree angle, slowly draw the knife down and across the stone in a smooth motion, starting at the heel and finishing at the tip.
  • STEP 4 Repeat this action 5 times. You may need to repeat this motion additional times, depending on the dullness of the knife.
  • STEP 5 Flip the knife the other side and sharpen the reverse side using the same motion. You should sharpen this side the same number of times as the other side for consistency.
  • STEP 6 Return the knife to the original side, but this time draw the knife from the tip to the heel. Repeat this motion 5 times. Flip to the reverse side, and sharpen from tip to heel five times.
  • STEP 7 Turn your sharpening stone over to the fine side and repeat steps 1-6. If stone starts to feel too dry, add more water.
  • STEP 8 To finish, pull the blade twice at an angle to the cutting edge to remove the last burrs. Your knife should now be really sharp. Rinse off the whetstone and clean off the grinding residue.

39 reviews for AHNR Knife Sharpening Stone Set – 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Water Stone, Whetstone Sharpener Stone Set Includes NonSlip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide

  1. Yuichi Takuma

    Great product with affordable price!

  2. Jeremy

    Works just the way I needed to

  3. James Cox

    About to try it out for the 1st time. Fingers crossed for some really good sharp knives

  4. Adam Gilbert

    Effective at sharpening as described

  5. McDaniel Soof

    It is good thanks, Very nice and nice and good and pleasant and good

  6. Jeff Horiba

    Haven’t used it yet but got great reviews!


    Beautiful stone, does a great job keeping my knives sharp!

  8. Michael Dunn

    Incredible stone for the price. Works like a dream. I won’t let anyone else use, but I will sharpen for them or send them your way.

  9. Louis K Fortner

    Good Quality.. Easy to use. Nicely packaged.

  10. Johnny Hiracheta

    So far its a great product. Only complaint is that it tends to slide when I’m using it.

  11. Meka Boncie-Machin

    It’s very good if you don’t have a spinning stone grinder

  12. Tanner Smith

    It’s amazing! So glad I ordered it.

  13. Laike Birdwell

    Really good makes knifes really sharp.

  14. Benjamin Lopez

    Good product and quality, i would recomend to friends and family. Leaves all of our blades sharp with ease. Use it for the kitchen and pocket knifes

  15. Doyle Syling

    So far so good. Good design and easy to use

  16. Muhatashim Zarif

    I like the design and price. Nice to show off to people

  17. Adam Evalt

    Great product highly recommend!

  18. Sharon Foster

    Seems like it will get the job done.

  19. Bernard Friedberg

    Works as advertised. Easy to use. Gives sharp edge.

  20. Patrick Brooks

    Very good price and product, perfect for what I needed

  21. Edward Melan

    Love it. Will order other accessories as well.

  22. Chris Walker

    The stone is great and I enjoy using it

  23. Leon

    It’s a very easy product to use, all my knives are razor sharp now!

  24. Andrew Hernandez

    It works very well glad I got it when I did

  25. Patricia Devine

    Work great so far. Haven’t had it long enough to fully test it out.

  26. Enzo Torres Ipinze

    I have an IG and I will post a review. @enzotecocina

  27. Paul

    Great product, works well and priced fairly

  28. Nancy Thai

    Knives have been super dull, so decided to order one of these. Was at a great price point and well made. Non slip grip is great very sleek and would highly recommend to others!

  29. Robert Hu

    Looks ver nice. I bought it to sharpen my bonsai tools and look forward to use it.

  30. Carl Zents

    Came professionally wrapped. Nice set up for a sharpening stone.

  31. Adan

    It helps keep all my japanese knives sharp for work. Thank you for this product

  32. Michael

    Great value for the price.. Easy to use once you get the hang of it.

  33. Daniel Chreene

    Very effective and convenient it is cost effective

  34. fahad saleem

    great product worked as described

  35. Leon B. Wolf

    Still early in use. Not really used sufficiently to evaluate. Has the characteristics I was seeking. Will update after more extensive evaluation.

  36. Brendan Loftus

    I like the ensemble and that it includes best practices and care instructions in the package.

  37. Walter Warren Meyer III

    I will be sharpening all my tools and knifes with this. So if it does a good job I will let everyone know.

  38. Michael Badough

    Just got it. Haven’t used it enough to have an opinion.

  39. Jose A Corrales-valenzuela

    I like it so far but I have only used it once.

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