JONYJ Drawer Dividers Organizer 5 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4″ High Expandable from 11-17″ for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet,Clothing, Office, Kitchen Storage, Strong Secure Hold, Foam Ends, Locks in Place


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  • ➽【EXPANDABLE & ADJUSTABL】: Slide and simple one-click installation with no tools or glues required. Simply lift the lever, place in drawer, adjust to fit, and lock in place. Powerful spring tension locks each divider in place and stays upright. Use these expandable dividers to easily adjust compartment space to create a storage solution tailored to your needs
  • ➽【MULTIPURPOSE DRAWER DIVIDERS】: These drawer organizers can be installed in any drawer of your house or office. For instance – you can install them as safety separator for kitchen silverware and utensils, tableware, sharp knife; drawer organizer for cosmetics on the dressing table; drawer separator for socks, underwear, bra fabrics and other clothes in the wardrobe; drawer dividers for towels in the bathroom and even as bookcase and shelf dividers
  • ➽【SUPERIOR MATERIALS】: The ends of these cutlery drawer organizers are covered with high quality Eva foam sponges so they do not scratch or damage the inner walls of the drawer, leaving no traces or residue. The strong spring-loading mechanism will not weaken over time; it can be securely held in place even in drawers with heavy spice containers
  • ➽【WELL-DESIGNED SIZE】: We have 5 drawer storage boxes, each 4 inches high and 11-17 inches long. The expandable design fits most drawers and cabinets from front to back or from side to side, so you can extend the drawer organizer and adjust it to the size of any drawer in your home or office
  • ➽【KEEP YOUR DRAWERS TIDY】: Do you have trouble finding your socks and underwear in those stuffed and messy dresser drawers? These dresser drawer dividers are going to help you organize your clothes and keep your drawers neat and organized at all times! Contact us if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason; we will solve the problem for you


Whether there always in a mess in every drawers at home or in office?

Complain so hard to find these hidden items?

Here, all problem could be solved by the help of the JONYJ dresser dividers.

Start a new, organized life with our adjustable JONYJ dividers.

Now you can forget about all that mess in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or dresser drawers.

With adjustable and expendable drawer dividers, you can set things in order every day.

Your Drawers Will Never Be Messy Again!

JONYJ Drawer Dividers/Organizers (5 Pack, 14.9-21″)

Drawer Dividers

Each Pack Includes 5 White Drawer Organizers That You Can Install In Any Drawer In Your House And Use As:

  • Dresser Drawer Dividers
  • Sock And Underwear Drawer Organizers
  • Baby Clothes Dividers
  • Bathroom Drawer Organizers
  • Makeup Drawer Organizers
  • Utensil, Silverware And Cutlery Drawer Organizers
  • Desk Drawer Organizers
  • Toolbox Drawer Organizers
  • Bookcase And Shelf Dividers

298 reviews for JONYJ Drawer Dividers Organizer 5 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4″ High Expandable from 11-17″ for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet,Clothing, Office, Kitchen Storage, Strong Secure Hold, Foam Ends, Locks in Place

  1. Kristen Rivera

    It works great. However I’m glad i got the 5 pack because 1 was broken and jammed when i received it.

  2. Trellie

    Very neat and clean on drawers. Helps with home organization.

  3. Candice nixon

    Amazing product. I only wish it was just a little higher, but it is great!!!

  4. Tracey Thomas

    These are great for dividing space up in large drawers.

  5. Jackie Roth

    Good quality, easy to use and works as expected.

  6. Ashley King

    These are more versatile then I imagined. They are pretty durable too.

  7. Pooja Pujara

    I like the flexibility and durability of product.

  8. Jillian Elliott

    These worked perfect for my daughters dresser drawer. I absolutely love them!! Perfect!

  9. Kathryn Charlton

    Fits great in our drawers and helps organize perfectly

  10. Sarah Weber

    Seems like a pretty good product for the price.

  11. Timothy Bartels

    Exactly what we needed for our drawers

  12. Salina voraphet

    I enjoy the product, I do wish it was a bit taller so I can fit more items in height. But it’s understandable why it’s that height. Gets the job done!

  13. Daysi Discua Romero

    This product it’s awesome to keep your drawers organized

  14. Lauren Pirillo

    This product was very easy to use! They are sturdy and well-made. They fit my drawers nicely and made getting organized a breeze!

  15. Shivani Rajpara

    This is just a suggestion you guys can use different color for this product

  16. Kaitlyn Eaves

    I love it the design and how easy the dividers are to use! Perfect for my baby clothes

  17. Sharlotte Harris

    I like it. It works well for my drawers for small iteams. I even shared one with my mom to try


    It fits perfectly ❤️ I needed something for my sock drawer and this is Amazing 🙂

  19. Jenn Brown

    Easy to use. Fits all drawer sizes in my home.

  20. Nestor Garcia

    I will test and let you guys know

  21. Jessi Davenport

    The drawer organizers are perfect for what I needed them for.

  22. Ashley Wilson

    I bought a competitor product and it didn’t work at all. It didn’t expand properly and it didn’t fit into my drawers either. I decided to try this product and it fit perfectly. I bought two orders and I am now using them in all of my drawers. Highly recommend this product.

  23. Tara Vogel

    Using it in the kitchen divide my utensils. They have stayed more organized and I don’t have to dig through the drawers.

  24. Antrell Banes

    Great product! I was able to separate all my items easily.

  25. Asma Ouafli

    Very useful product and you can expanded as long as your drawers

  26. Meghan Jordan

    This is the second set of these that I have purchased. I have them in multiple rooms in my house and love how quick and easy they are to install!

  27. Reem Jawad

    I absolutely love how organized my drawers are!

  28. Alysha Nelson

    These are great! They are easy to use and are good quality. They really have helped with my nursery organization.

  29. Shaneezy

    It’s a great product n I recommend it.

  30. Emma Messett

    Wish they were taller so that nothing could slip under or over them

  31. Donna Deardorff

    Love it. It’s awesome. I would definitely recommend this product to all my clients and friends

  32. Chandra Perez

    These fit perfectly in our smaller drawers! They’re very sturdy

  33. Megan Ryba

    I like the dimensions and adjustability of the product. However, I was hoping to find some made of wood (or anything but plastic) for a comparable price.
    Aside from the plastic, I love the product!

  34. Asma Ouafli

    I realy like this product I will definitely buy more

  35. Sawsan Yousef

    Good quality! Very convenient.

  36. Jessica Murrietta

    Love it works great easy to use!

  37. Anna Gureckis

    super helpful to keep my drawers organized

  38. David Lovell

    The product provided good functionality for what I am using it for. Not used as a drawer divider, so I will see if it is durable enough.

  39. Nellie Brosious

    Easy to use and looks great. Fits as expected. Didn’t wobble. Looks great in nursery

  40. Luís Velez

    Good Design, and very practice

  41. Jessica Harbert

    Love this product!!
    Works great! Will be using for all of our drawers!

  42. Veronica Wilcox

    Love this, can’t wait to use them all

  43. Crystal Gautreau

    Impressed!! Perfect for baby nursery

  44. Keegan Martinez

    Great way to organize various types of the same clothing in one drawer.

  45. Macy Elevazo

    Super nice and sturdy i like how it looks in my drawers!

  46. Erika Contreras

    It looks good and fits well in the drawers!

  47. Stephanie Watt

    The thank you envelope was a nice touch.

  48. Veronica Medina

    It was wonderful for dividing my dresser drawers

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