JONYJ rawer Dividers Organizer 4 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4″ High Expandable from 14.9-21″ for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet, Clothing, Office, Kitchen Storage, Strong Secure Hold, Foam Ends, Locks in Place


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  • ➽【EXPANDABLE & ADJUSTABL】: Slide and simple one-click installation with no tools or glues required. Simply lift the lever, place in drawer, adjust to fit, and lock in place. Powerful spring tension locks each divider in place and stays upright. Use these expandable dividers to easily adjust compartment space to create a storage solution tailored to your needs
  • ➽【MULTIPURPOSE DRAWER DIVIDERS】: These drawer organizers can be installed in any drawer of your house or office. For instance – you can install them as safety separator for kitchen silverware and utensils, tableware, sharp knife; drawer organizer for cosmetics on the dressing table; drawer separator for socks, underwear, bra fabrics and other clothes in the wardrobe; drawer dividers for towels in the bathroom and even as bookcase and shelf dividers
  • ➽【SUPERIOR MATERIALS】: The ends of these cutlery drawer organizers are covered with high quality Eva foam sponges so they do not scratch or damage the inner walls of the drawer, leaving no traces or residue. The strong spring-loading mechanism will not weaken over time; it can be securely held in place even in drawers with heavy spice containers
  • ➽【WELL-DESIGNED SIZE】: We have 4 drawer storage boxes, each 4 inches high and 14.9-21 inches long. The expandable design fits most drawers and cabinets from front to back or from side to side, so you can extend the drawer organizer and adjust it to the size of any drawer in your home or office
  • ➽【KEEP YOUR DRAWERS TIDY】: Do you have trouble finding your socks and underwear in those stuffed and messy dresser drawers? These dresser drawer dividers are going to help you organize your clothes and keep your drawers neat and organized at all times! Contact us if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason; we will solve the problem for you


Whether there always in a mess in every drawers at home or in office?

Complain so hard to find these hidden items?

Here, all problem could be solved by the help of the JONYJ dresser dividers.

Start a new, organized life with our adjustable JONYJ dividers.

Now you can forget about all that mess in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or dresser drawers.

With adjustable and expendable drawer dividers, you can set things in order every day.

Your Drawers Will Never Be Messy Again!

JONYJ Drawer Dividers/Organizers (4 Pack, 14.9-21″)

Drawer Dividers

Each Pack Includes 4 White Drawer Organizers That You Can Install In Any Drawer In Your House And Use As:

  • Dresser Drawer Dividers
  • Sock And Underwear Drawer Organizers
  • Baby Clothes Dividers
  • Bathroom Drawer Organizers
  • Makeup Drawer Organizers
  • Utensil, Silverware And Cutlery Drawer Organizers
  • Desk Drawer Organizers
  • Toolbox Drawer Organizers
  • Bookcase And Shelf Dividers

24 reviews for JONYJ rawer Dividers Organizer 4 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4″ High Expandable from 14.9-21″ for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet, Clothing, Office, Kitchen Storage, Strong Secure Hold, Foam Ends, Locks in Place

  1. Tara Long

    Easy to use and perfect for organizing my daughters bedroom drawers. I like the 4in size because they come up high enough in the drawer so it keeps both sections separated! It honestly looks like the drawer was made with the divider in it! They look great!

  2. Jessica Ness

    Easy to use. I like that it can be used ina variety of places for improving organization.

  3. Emily Galeano

    It’s very good and comfortable to move around if needed and it does it’s job

  4. Erica catherine

    Love it! It will work great in the drawers at my Akon to organize color tubes.

  5. katie coogin

    they are very sturdy and work nicely. love the adjustable length.

  6. Veronica Aleman

    I love it, but the measurements were not as describe and didn’t fit my drawer with all the length extended.. overall I like it

  7. Katie Owen

    i bought these to fit a larger drawer and i am very happy with it! they stay in place and perfect height

  8. Dean Dalquist

    Excellent product. Works perfect. Was looking for dividers at least 4 inches tall.

  9. J Sarb

    My kitchen drawers are abnormally small, so even the “small” drawer organizers don’t fit, but these do! I’m so happy to not just have a jumble of kitchen implements in my drawers anymore.

  10. Anmol Ali

    This product is amazing. Love how there is a grip on the ends and locks into place just like how I want it, it’s even sturdy which is a plus!

  11. ASTRID

    Very useful to keep drawers organized.

  12. Kathleen Schwendeman

    It is long enough to fit my drawers and nicely made.

  13. Sugandhi Rohinikumar

    Fits perfectly in my cabinet. Love the fact that it locks and stays firmly. Love the design as well.

  14. Vivien Bui

    Divided my drawers perfectly. The dividers snuggle close to each other. It does not move that much

  15. Ashley Chung

    The product came in perfect condition and just as I expected it to. The dividers are very easy to use and will definitely help organize my drawers.

  16. Steven Blazek

    I really like it. There are similar products, but this one seems more thoughtfully designed to be easier to use and it also looks nice my drawers. I am definitely going to buy another one.

  17. Jan Willett Willett

    Easy to install. Fits well in my deep drawers.

  18. Conner Bealer

    These things are very sturdy, easy to install, and are a great size for any drawer application.

  19. Abby masiello

    Fit in my child’s IKEA dresser perfectly and is secure enough that it doesn’t slip when he messes with it.

  20. LuLu Lam

    I love the design and function of the drawer dividers. Sometimes they moved around and I can’t get them to sit tight enough against the back of the drawer. But it’s still a pretty good product. Thank u!

  21. Kanani Corotan

    I like the product a lot. It is durable and easy to set up. I used them for my daughters drawers. Her clothes are a lot more organized. I was able to put a couple in each drawer to section off where her clothes go.

  22. Alexander Kemel

    Easy to use, works as intended.

  23. Luciano Ferrari

    I can add more things on the fldrawer now and it is really simple to install

  24. Asmi Patel

    It’s really helped de clutter our kitchen!

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